In memoriam of beloved Audit Legacy Partner and Friend, Ray Hermanson.

We at Squar Milner have always prided ourselves in being a very close-knit group.  I can assure you that our people are not just business associates, but very often close friends.  As such, the passing on October 29th, 2016 of our beloved partner and friend, Ray Hermanson, hit us hard.  Ray joined the firm in 1996 and was an instrumental force in our growth and professionalism.  He had a great passion for  the CPA profession.  Moreover, the love he felt for the people with whom he worked, both at Squar Milner and at clients, was deeply felt by all of us.  We respected him for his keen insight and hard work.  We truly  cherished his friendship.  Ray loved his family, especially his wife and daughter Kristina and he was extremely proud of all of Kristina’s accomplishments.  Ray will be deeply missed by his family and friends, colleagues, and clients.

We also will of course always remember Ray’s hearty laugh.


Steve Milner