Squar Milner specializes in providing business management services to the entertainment and sports industries, as well as high net worth individuals and their companies.

We understand the unique challenges these industries face financially: unpredictable income, complex tax issues and frequently, years of struggle followed by sudden wealth.

Our approach is hands-on and proactive. We take a long-term view and stay up-to-date on industry trends than can affect you financially.

With our tax expertise and entertainment and sports industry focus, we can help you:

  • Maximize your retirement benefits
  • Analyze your personal and business cash flows
  • Set up a budget to control your future cash flows
  • Understand the financial implications of a contract before you sign
  • Keep track of your net worth and investment performance
  • Determine the right choice of business entity
  • Develop the appropriate asset protection strategy
  • Implement the most effective tax plan
  • Make the most of your Guild benefits
  • For athletes – planning what state to reside in to get the right results

What Squar Milner Can Do For You

We provide you with a financial plan for your future, as well as handle your current day-to-day needs like paying bills and collecting receivables.

We take care of everything from cash flow, budget analysis, tax planning and compliance, and wealth management. We can also supervise your banking and credit relationships, find insurance coverage that’s best for you, assist with your medical claims, and even help you secure a mortgage.

The financial decisions you make now can have an impact on your future. At Squar Milner, we can help guide you throughout your career to help you meet your financial goals and set up your long-term financial independence.

Personal Financial Services

We also offer personal financial services to high net worth individuals and business executives interested in wealth preservation.

These services include:

  • Full business management, including bill paying and depositing all receipts
  • Investment strategies
  • Insurance analysis and risk management
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Cash flow and budget reporting
  • Business transaction analysis
  • Assistance with financing and purchasing major assets

Steven Blatt
Business Management Partner-in-Charge

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Squar Milner can help turn your current success into a lifetime of financial security.