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April Tax NewsletterEstate PlanningReal Estate
April 13, 2018

Estate Planning – Avoiding California Property Tax Reassessment Through Proper Use of Parent-Child Exclusion

When dealing with a death in the family and administering assets of the deceased family member, the county-level property tax reassessment rules for transfers of California real estate are often overlooked.  Generally, the taxable value…
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March Tax NewsletterReal Estate
March 6, 2018


One of the provisions contained in the Tax Act that impacts real estate is one that limits the deductibility of interest expense. The provision generally disallows a deduction for net interest expense that exceeds 30…
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Estate PlanningMarch Tax NewsletterReal Estate
March 6, 2018

ESTATE PLANNING – Time to Review Your Estate Plan

As a result of the newly passed Tax Act, there has been a paradigm shift in estate planning. Beginning in 2018, the estate and gift tax exclusion amounts are increased to $22 million per couple ($11…
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