IC-DISC - Container ship from sea port working for delivery containers shipment and container warehouse background. Suitable use for transport or import export to global logistics concept.
March 16, 2020

The Tax Benefits of an IC-DISC in a Post-Tax Reform Regime

More U.S. companies across an expansive range of industries are becoming increasingly involved in foreign transactions, including exporting. In 2019…
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In-Kind Donations - Box of donations donated to a not-for-profit
March 6, 2020

Effectively Using and Reporting In-Kind Donations

When we think of donations to a charitable organization, one of our first thoughts goes to some type of monetary…
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Meal and Entertainment Deduction Updates 2020 | Kind office workers enjoying tasty dinner in cafe
March 4, 2020

IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Meal and Entertainment Expense Deductions

As a business owner, entertaining and dining with clients, vendors and potential employees is often a successful strategy for building…
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California Estate Tax
March 2, 2020

The Status of Estate Tax in California and Beyond

Over the last decade, there has been increased scrutiny on the widening gap of economic inequality. Between the Occupy Wall…
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Digital Services Tax | Bridge in France
February 24, 2020

The Turbulent Landscape of the Digital Services Tax

Over the last few weeks, different news stories appeared on the airwaves, warning that wine and cheese prices may see…
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Transfer Pricing 101: What is transfer pricing, why is it important and more | Venice, Italy
InternationalTaxTransfer Pricing
February 21, 2020

Transfer Pricing 101: What Is Transfer Pricing and Why Should I Care?

In today’s global environment, international and cross-border tax matters have become a crucial discussion point for all corporate taxpayers. Multinational…
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1031 Exchange Rules 2020 | Real Estate Buildings
Real EstateTax
February 12, 2020

Taking Advantage of a 1031 Exchange in 2020

The truth of the matter is that capital gains taxes can eat up a large chunk of profit when you…
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