Changing guidance, complex transactions and fast growth often require specialized experience. Squar Milner’s CFO Advisory Services will help you with support of operating your business, along with resources, and technical expertise you can rely on.

If you are preparing for an IPO/M&A, adopting to new revenue recognition and lease standards, or grappling with the day-to-day financial challenges of operating a company, Squar Milner can help.

Revenue Recognition

The new recognition standard requires companies to disaggregate their revenue components, make more estimates, and use more judgment than today’s revenue accounting guidance.

The new standard’s impact goes beyond accounting – legal, sales, internal controls, finance, IT, and tax departments will also be affected.

With the effective date only a few months away for public (fiscal years and interim periods after December 15, 2017) and private companies (fiscal years after December 15, 2018), both groups are supplementing their teams to ensure compliance before the deadlines.

Squar Milner is highly qualified and prepared to assist management with the new standard implementation. We have participated in implementations for global companies and have assisted with:

  • Initial and detailed revenue contract assessments
  • Identifying and quantifying accounting impacts
  • Drafting technical position papers
  • Supporting or co-leading implementation with management

Post implementation, Squar Milner can assist with periodic contracts assessments for quarterly and annual reporting.

The new lease standard will impact every company that uses leasing to obtain access to assets, whether as lessee or lessor.

Technical Accounting (Leases)

The new lease standard eliminates nearly all off balance sheet accounting for lessees, in addition to redefining EBITDA and other commonly used financial metrics. This may affect covenants, credit ratings, borrowing costs, and stakeholder perceptions. It is also likely to affect lessors’ business models and impact business processes, systems, and controls.

Squar Milner has the relevant technical expertise to assist management with:

  • Inventory and evaluate all leases for key considerations
  • Initial and detailed assessments
  • Project management
  • Drafting technical position papers
  • Assist with revamping of reporting for stakeholders
  • Implementation and post implementation support

We also assist with implementing and/or complex accounting standards under US GAAP/IFRS and IFRS conversion.

IPO Readiness

Navigating the IPO process can be stressful. Squar Milner will work side by side with you to achieve your growth objectives by performing the following tasks:

  • Make your prior year financial statements SEC compliant
  • Registration statement drafting on Form S-1 and mitigation of SEC comments
  • Identify internal controls risks and establishing SOX controls to address them
  • Assist with IT system selections and implementation
  • Tax consulting and planning throughout the process
  • Assist with the corporate tax provision, State and Local Tax, transfer pricing, and 382 study
  • Prepare 1934 Act reports, including annual 10-K and quarterly 10-Q

Your M&A journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Merger and Acquisition (Carve outs) Due Diligence support

Squar Milner can ease your workload with the following services:

  • Manage Data Room and Due Diligence documents request
  • Prepare financial statements and quality of earnings assessments
  • Provide expertise in financial reporting, tax and risk management
  • Assist you with post-merger support for accounting, internal controls and systems integration

SEC Investigation Support

We have the expertise and resources you’ll need for support during SEC investigations on specific topics. We work closely with legal counsel and the Board of Directors in performing detailed assessments, assembling any necessary supporting documentation, quantifying the accounting impact and drafting the SEC response letters.

Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management

Our expertise and processes can help mitigate internal control risk. Squar Milner will:

  • Assist you with remediation of material weaknesses and internal control development
  • Design and enhance your accounting system, including manual to electronic system conversion
  • Perform internal audits with an integrated approach
  • Identify, understand, measure and manage business risks that result from dependencies on information technology via Information Risk Management services
  • Help you understand business processes and their related risks and priorities through business performance services

Outsourced Accounting and Finance

We work with CFOs and Controllers to alleviate the daily challenges and stresses of growing their businesses. Our technical knowledge and resources include:

  • External and internal audit support
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual closing support
  • Interim management of accounting and finance departments/functions and direct hire of CFOs, VPs. Controllers and Directors of Accounting and Finance.

Changing guidance, complex transactions and fast growth often require specialized experience. Squar Milner’s CFO Advisory Services will help you with support of operating your business, along with resources, and technical expertise you can rely on.