Squar Milner proudly serves over 145 charter and independent schools throughout the United States and has fortified our position as the largest audit and tax service provider for the charter school industry in California. With over 15 years of experience servicing the education sector, our skilled staff of professionals bring a wealth of experience to provide our clients with important value-added services.

Charter schools are required to have an annual independent fiscal audit that is performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. We work closely with the State Controller’s Office and the California Department of Education to ensure that audit issues are effectively and appropriately addressed. We also confer with FASB and GASB to help charter schools handle emerging accounting issues.


Jim Rotherman Charter Schools Industry Group Leader

Jim Rotherham
Charter Schools Industry Leader

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Our Charter School Accounting Services

Charter School Accounting, Audit, Attestation, & Tax Services


  • Form 990 preparation
  • Advice related to LLC’s & for-profit subsidiaries
  • Applications for tax exempt status
  • Unrelated business income tax


  • Financial statement audits
  • Single audits pursuant to OMB Uniform Guidance (formerly Circular A-133)
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