Encino, CA

Partners, Principals & Officers

Squar Milner’s Partner group has extensive experience with small to large private and public companies in all areas of accounting and a wide range of industry expertise.

15760 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1100
Encino, CA 91436

Phone – 818-981-2600
Fax – 818-981-2615

Managing Partners

Craig Weaver Headshot
Craig A. Weaver
SHashi Mirpuri Headshot
Shashi Murpuri

Audit Service Partner

Chris Krogh Headshot
Chris Krogh

Tax Service Partners

Brian Shin Headshot
Brian Shin
Harold Winnett Headshot
Harold Winnett
Helaine Cohen Headshot
Helaine Cohen
Jigna Doshi Headshot
Jigna Doshi
Michael Sobelman Headshot
Michael Sobelman
Neil Rosenfield Headshot
Neil Rosenfield
Steve Landsman Headshot
Stephen Landsman
Thomas Ohlgren Headshot
Thomas Ohlgren
Bill Wolf Headshot
William F. Wolf

Research & Development Partner

Doron Bass Headshot
Doron Bass

Wealth Management Principal

Mike Eisenberg Headshot
Michael M. Eisenberg