Orange County, CA

Partners, Principals & Officers

Squar Milner’s Partner group has extensive experience with small to large private and public companies in all areas of accounting and a wide range of industry expertise.

18500 Von Karman Ave., 10th Floor
Irvine, CA 92612

Phone – 949.222.2999
Fax – 949.222.2989

Managing Partner

Steve Milner Headshot
Stephen P. Milner

Audit Service Partners

Adam Bullock Headshot
Adam Bullock
Ahmed Hamdy Headshot
Ahmed Hamdy
Allen Goh Headshot
Allen Goh
Ernest Miranda Headshot
Ernest D. Miranda
Greg Reda Headshot
Greg Reda
Blank Team Headshot
Joe Kiuchi
Larry Metana Headshot
Laurence D. Smetana
Rick Guillen Headshot
Rick Guillen
Sam Salty Headshot
Sam Salty
Thomas Bennett Headshot
Thomas Bennett

Audit Service Principals

Andy Richardson Headshot
Andy Richardson
Phil Kim Headshot
Phil Kim

Tax Service Partners

Gabe Torre Headshot
Gabriel Torre
Gary Grush Headshot
Gary Grush
Jean Lovett Headshot
Jean Lovett
Kristi Oates Headshot
Kristi Oates
Lisa Yamakawa headshot - main page
Lisa Yamakawa
Ron Williamson Headshot
Ronald R. Williamson
Shawn Kato Headshot
Shawn Kato

Tax Service Principals

Michael Cho Headshot
Michael Cho
Pauline Dumas Headshot
Pauline Dumas
Scott Jackson Headshot
Scott Jackson
Varangana Punchihewa Headshot
Varangana Punchihewa

Consulting Partner

Katherine Gough Headshot
Katherine Gough

Consulting Principal

Jennifer Hegg Headshot
Jennifer Hegg

Wealth Management Partner

Alec Abbott Headshot
Alec Abbott

Wealth Management Principals

Deborah Harrington Headshot
Deborah L. Harrington
John Harrington Headshot
John T. Harrington