Partners, Principals & Officers

Squar Milner’s Partner group has extensive experience with small to large private and public companies in all areas of accounting and a wide range of industry expertise.

Managing Partner

Steve Milner Headshot
Stephen P. Milner

Audit Service Partners

Ernest Miranda Headshot
Ernest Miranda
Adam Bullock
Adam Bullock
Ahmed Hamdy Headshot
Ahmed Hamdy
Allen Goh Headshot
Allen Goh
Anthony Leung Headshot
Anthony Leung
Cecilia Agnat Headshot
Cecilia Angat
Chris Krogh Headshot
Chris Krogh
Greg Reda Headshot
Greg Reda
Greg Zelenay Headshot
Gregory Zelenay
Janet Holland Headshot
Janet Holland
Jim Rotherham Headshot
Jim Rotherham
Blank Team Headshot
Joe Kiuchi
Kevin O'Connell Headshot
Kevin O’Connell
Larisa Rapoport Headshot
Larisa Rapoport
Larry Smetana Headshot
Laurence Smetana
Martin Casaus Headshot
Martin Casaus
Michael Green Headshot
Michael K. Green
Michael Lorber Headshot
Michael Lorber
Rick Guiellen Headshot
Rick Guillen
Sam Salty Headshot
Sam Salty
Scott Goldfarb headshot
Scott Goldfarb
Suzanne Headshot Main Page
Suzanne Jacobs
Thomas Bennett Headshot
Thomas Bennett

Audit Service Principals

Andy Richardson Headshot
Andy Richardson
Female Silouhette Headshot
Lauri Webster
Phil Kim Headshot
Phil Kim
Robert Daoro Headshot
Robert Daoro
Stella Relampagos Headshot
Stella Relampagos

Tax Service Partners

Craig Weaver Headshot
Craig Weaver
Amy Allen Headshot
Amy Allen
Blank Team Headshot
Arnold Zippel
Art Louie Headshot
Arthur Louie
Barbara Mitchell Headshot
Barbara Mitchell
Brian Gourlay
Brian Shin Headshot
Brian Shin
Bruce Ferry Headshot
Bruce Ferry
Caroline Banzali Headshot
Caroline B. Banzali
danita espiritu headshot
Danita Espiritu
David Arrick Headshot
David J. Arrick
David Cortney Headshot
David W. Cortney
David Yu Headshot
David Yu
Doron Bass Headshot
Doron Bass
Drew Grey
Gabriel Torre Headshot
Gabriel Torre
Gary Grush Headshot
Gary Grush
Giancarlo Laguercia
Harold Winnett Headshot
Harold Winnett
Helaine Cohen Headshot
Helaine Cohen
Howard Loomis Headshot
Howard Loomis
Jean Lovett Headshot
Jean Lovett
Jeff Davis Headshot
Jeffrey Davis
Jigna Doshi Headshot
Jigna Doshi
Blank Team Headshot
Justin Demere
Karisa Chin Headshot
Karisa Chin
Keith Troutman Headshot
Keith Troutman
Ken Kasianovitz Headshot
Kenneth Kasianovitz
Kim Jin Headshot
Kimberly Jin
Kim Zydel Headshot
Kimberly Zydel
Kristi Oates Headshot
Kristi Oates
Larry Wood Headshot
Lawrence B. Wood
Lisa Yamakawa headshot - main page
Lisa Yamakawa
Mike Jakimzak Headshot
Michael Jakimzak
Blank Team Headshot
Michael Shafer
Michael Sobelman Headshot
Michael Sobelman
Neil Rosenfield Headshot
Neil Rosenfield
Richard Evans Headshot
Richard Evans
Robena Jafari Headshot
Robena Jafari
Robin Park Headshot
Robin Park
Ron Williamson Headshot
Ronald R. Williamson
Scott Howard Headshot
Scott Howard
Shashi Mirpuri Headshot
Shashi Mirpuri
Shawn Kato Headshot
Shawn Kato
Shelly Paialii Headshot
Shelly Paialii
Steve Landsman Headshot
Stephen Landsman
Tom Coughlan Headshot
Thomas P. Coughlan
Thomas R. Goddard
Thomas Ohlgren Headshot
Thomas Ohlgren
Tina Lazaroff
Blank Team Headshot
Troy Smith
Bill Wolf Headshot
William F. Wolf

Tax Service Principals

Aileen Song Headshot
Aileen Wong
Alicia On Headshot
Alicia On
Anthony Chow Headshot
Anthony Chow
Deborah Kaminski Headshot
Deborah Kaminski
Gary Jang Headshot
Gary Jang
Joua Lo Headshot
Joua Lo
Michael Cho Headshot
Michael Cho
Minako Steel
Pauline Dumas Headshot
Pauline Dumas
Ruth Shi Headshot
Ruth Shi
Scott Jackson Headshot
Scott Jackson
Varangana Punchihewa Headshot
Varangana Punchihewa

Consulting Partners

Katherine Gough Headshot
Katherine Gough
Stacy Chiang Headshot
Stacy Chiang
Steve Blatt Headshot
Steven Blatt

Consulting Principals

Jennifer Hegg Headshot
Jennifer Hegg

Wealth Management Partner

Alec Abbott Headshot
Alec B. Abbott

Wealth Management Principals

Deborah Harrington Headshot
Deborah  L. Harrington
John Harrington Headshot
John T. Harrington
Michael Dellisan Headshot
Michael Dellisant
Michael Eisenberg Headshot
Michael M. Eisenberg
Michael Janis Headshot small
Michael Janis