Our clients include restaurants, food and beverage producers and distributors, packaged food companies, wineries, franchisees, licensors and retailers.

We represent numerous industry associations, including the California Restaurant Association which helps keep us on top of emerging legislative and business issues. In addition to the accounting support and business insight we provide, we have strong relationships with people involved in legal, banking and every other segment of the industry and can help connect our clients with people who can help them with their specialized business needs.

Businesses grapple every day with issues such as:

  • How do restaurants and franchise systems adapt to the increasing competition and decreased customer buying power?
  • Can real estate be relied on more heavily as a strategic asset?
  • How do companies survive when confronted by the fragile economic environment?
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Squar Milner is a member of the California Restaurant Association, which offers us pertinent industry expertise and informational publications.

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Kristi Oates
Restaurant, Food & Franchise Industry Leader


While growth and profitability are far more difficult to achieve in the near term, there will be greater need for retailers to operate more efficiently, with further emphasis placed on cost reduction, expense management, and customer retention.