San Diego, CA

Partners, Principals & Officers

Squar Milner’s Partner group has extensive experience with small to large private and public companies in all areas of accounting and a wide range of industry expertise.

3655 Nobel Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92122

Phone – 858.597.4100
Fax – 858.597.4111

Managing Partner

Michael K. Green

Audit Service Partners

Jim Rotherham
Michael H. Lorber

Tax Service Partners

David Cortney
Jeffrey Davis
Keith Troutman
Kenneth Kasianovitz
Michael Jakimzak
Michael Shafer
Richard E. Evans
Thomas R. Goddard

Tax Service Principals

Justin Demere
Ruth Shi

Consulting Partner

Stacy Elledge Chiang

Wealth Management Principal

Michael Dellisant