Squar Milner’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Squar Milner's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Squar Milner, we believe in the value of every person. Our culture embodies diversity, inclusiveness, and understanding, and we strongly denounce violence and discrimination of any kind.

Now is the time to listen, understand, and be empathetic.  While we may not be able to relate to another person’s experiences or feelings, we can listen, understand and be empathetic.

Early in our existence, Squar Milner made conscientious efforts to be a firm that fosters, encourages, and embraces diversity and inclusion. We continue to commit to this, as we believe that the strength of our firm lies in our diversity – our diversity in race, gender, sexuality, age, politics, thoughts and differences of opinion. We will ensure that these diverse voices are not only included, but promoted.

Our conversation on this important topic is only just beginning. As we move forward as a firm, a community, and a nation, I welcome you to reach out to me at any time with feedback and suggestions on how we may do better.