It’s the driving force behind everything we do. It’s why we insist on a proactive approach, implement creative strategies, and work collaboratively to minimize your tax obligations.

Every client is different.

We will get to know you, your objectives, plans and opportunities, and develop a strategy that works for you. Individuals, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, estates and fiduciaries will benefit from our wide range of expertise.

Our Tax Services include:

  • Business formations
  • Due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Workouts
  • Liquidations and dispositions
  • Tax return preparation
  • International tax planning
  • Personal financial planning
  • State and local tax planning
  • Tax controversy
  • Transactional structuring and planning

As well as the following…

Cost segregation is often used for offices, restaurants, hotels, retail, industrial, and manufacturing.

Do you own real estate?

If so, Cost Segregation might be right for you.

Cost segregation is an effective tool that allows real estate owners to increase their cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income taxes.

A Cost Segregation Study identifies project-related costs that are currently classified as either residential real estate with a depreciable life of 27.5 years, or nonresidential real estate with a depreciable life of 39 years. It then reclassifies those costs to property with a 5, 7, or 15 year life. Reclassification is appropriate because very often buildings are designed to accommodate specific equipment or land improvements with shorter depreciable life spans.

Income Tax Accrual

Accrued taxes are a liability on your company’s balance sheet.

The tricky part is, a lot of the financial report requirements have changed significantly, and your company’s auditors are not legally permitted to assist with preparing an income tax provision calculation.

Not to worry — we will work directly with the proper personnel in your company to prepare a complete and accurate income tax provision in keeping with your GAAP financial statements. We will even work on site, leveraging your team’s experience and instant communication to get the best and fastest results.

  • Annual (Form 10-K) and quarterly (Form 10-Q) tax accruals for middle-market public companies
  • Implementation and continuing compliance for FIN 48 (Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes)

We will even work on site, leveraging your team’s experience and instant communication to get the best and fastest results.

With an emphasis on client service, we are here to guide you through your specific tax concerns.
  • Income and franchise taxes
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Credits and incentives
  • Personal and real property taxes
  • Unclaimed property
  • Employment taxes

State and Local Taxes

Obviously you have to pay taxes — but you don’t want to pay more than you need to.

We are experts at developing creative solutions to minimize your tax burdens locally, statewide, nationwide, and even globally. Our combined tax technical expertise and industry understanding provides our clients with value-added solutions to meet their ongoing state and local tax needs.

Joining the Global Market?

Then you could use our international tax expertise.

If you’re expanding your company’s operations or personnel internationally — whether out of or into the United States — take advantage of our comprehensive international tax services.

  • Inbound international tax planning
  • International taxes for employers
  • International taxes for individuals
  • Outbound international tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • U.S. export tax incentive

Global taxation can be complicated. We’ll help you understand the tax landscape before your business enters the new market and take care of cross-border structuring, tax planning for all applicable taxes, and compliance with regulations.

Our membership with Allinial Global ensures we have the capabilities to service our clients, minimize tax burdens, and improve cash flow — wherever they are in the world.

How we can help:

  • Inbound international tax planning
  • Outbound international tax planning
  • International taxes for employers
  • Transfer pricing specialty services
  • Optimization of supply chain processes
  • Guidance in setting up a new entity in foreign country
  • Preparing for a public offering on a U.S. or Asia-Pacific stock exchange

U.S.-China Gateway Alliance

With China leading the globalization marketplace, many US companies have begun expansion into China.

Squar Milner can help.

Our team has the experience and resources to guide you through your expansion or investment in China, as well as help Chinese companies doing business in the US. We bring a wealth of knowledge in the international tax space and are confident in our abilities to guide you through the complex landscape.

To better serve you, our Allinial Global affiliate in China, SBA Stone Forest, is here to help with in-country consulting when you need it.

At Squar Milner, our goal is to be your most trusted advisors, both locally and globally.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

A successful merger, acquisition, or divestiture takes vision and planning.

We have both.

The Squar Milner team will first make sure the transaction is in your best interests. Then we’ll take the reins and make sure everything goes according to plan. Our experts will guide you through the negotiation, due diligence and implementation processes.

Leveraging our vast client base and network of investment bankers and other professionals, we can even often identify potential candidates for your M&A or divestiture.

We’ll advise you as to the best plan of action for tax minimization and/or deferment, and we’ll work with you to identify and secure the capital your business needs.

Additional information about Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures can be found in our news section.

  • Strategies to maximize the transfer of wealth from generation to generation
  • Business succession planning
  • Review of estate planning documents
  • Executor/trustee assistance
  • Post-mortem planning, including funding of sub-trusts
  • Preparation of estate, gift, fiduciary and private foundation tax returns
  • Court required accountings
  • Family limited partnerships

Estate & Trust Services

You’ve worked hard for your money. It’s time to protect it and make sure it goes where YOU want it to go.

Whether your goal is minimizing estate taxes, transitioning the family business, establishing a trust, or creating a private foundation, Squar Milner’s estates team can handle it for you.

From M&A services to helping protect your money, our tax professionals are here to help.

Stock Option Assistance

Taking risks is hard, and stocks can be volatile.

Let us plan with you. We’ll determine the volatility of your stock and your risk tolerance, to identify which grants to exercise, as well as how much and when to diversify.

Our goal is to minimize the income (both regular and alternative minimum tax), estate, and gift tax liabilities that may be incurred through your ownership and exercise of the options and sale of the underlying stock.

We’ll determine the volatility of your stock and your risk tolerance as well as how much and when to diversify.

We can help in any of the following areas:

  • Chapter 11 cases
  • Chapter 7 cases
  • Payroll and trust fund recovery penalties
  • Short-period elections
  • Tax ramifications and planning around discharge of indebtedness
  • Business reorganizations
  • Priority and dischargeability of tax claims
  • Tax consequences of legal settlements

Bankruptcy Taxation

Bankruptcy and tax laws often conflict.

We know the ins and outs of both sides and will provide practical solutions to complex problems.

Let Squar Milner take your compliance and tax needs off your plate. Contact one of our team members today!