Website, Facebook Page – or Both?

With limited time and resources, nonprofits often find themselves trying to choose between digital priorities; for example, building a top-notch website or setting up an engaging Facebook page.

Katya Andresen, author of Robin Hood Marketing and creator of the NonProfit Marketing Blog, suggests that it’s not an either/or proposition. “It’s about not just having a website, but also ensuring your champions have the tools they need to take action wherever they want, including Facebook,” she notes.

To that end, consider these seven tips for creating an effective, engaging Facebook presence:

1) Have a plan.

Start by knowing what you want to accomplish (e.g., recruiting volunteers, cultivating activists, stewarding your donors, etc.).

2) Post often.

Post as often as your organization has fresh content — ideally, at least once a day.

3) Write for your audience.

Facebook is not the place for generic press re-leases and boilerplate messaging. Write specifically for your Facebook followers and mix things up with interesting pictures and videos.

4) Get personal.

Sure, talk about your mission, but also let followers know about your staffer’s cute new puppy. This is your chance to build a more personal relationship with your fans.

5) Start a conversation.

Use every post as a tool to start two-way conversations. Ask open-ended questions and conduct polls and surveys.

6) Respond.

While you don’t have to reply to every comment, do try to get into the middle of comment threads to show that you’re listening.

7) Analyze.

Every page administrator has access to Facebook’s Page Insights analytics. Use it to learn how people are engaging with the content you publish